Introduction to Immigrant Rights Action in the Rochester Area

Introduction to Immigrant Rights Action in the Rochester Area

June 20th, 2017, 7-9 PM

First Unitarian Church

220 Winton Road South

Rochester, NY

The Trump administration is busy carrying out its hateful anti-immigrant agenda nationwide. Some 6,000 undocumented immigrants live in the Rochester area, most of whom are the backbone of our agricultural industry. Many have worked and lived here for years; they have families, they have children in our schools and they often live in mixed families with both citizens and non-citizens. It is a myth that they are dangerous criminals. They put food on our tables and they contribute to the success of our Upstate New York economy. Yet, they are being detained and deported at an unprecedented pace. The human toll is endless; when a parent is deported, the family loses their breadwinner, children lose their parent(s), and families are traumatized and torn apart. Our local farmers lose critical workers and our local economy suffers.

But, more and more people are resisting! Rochester-area residents and farmworkers themselves are standing in the way of the deportation dragnet in creative and effective ways. Come and learn what’s happening and how you can join them! There are ways everyone can help at their own comfort level, using their unique experience and skills. We are already scheduling a specific training for each initiative in the near future to follow up this orientation!

Honduras: Dispelling the Myth

Come and learn why Honduras has sent hundreds of thousands of migrants to the United States and other countries since the 2009 coup!

Sister Phyllis Tierney, SSJ
Wednesday, June 7, 7 PM
Downtown United Presbyterian Church*
121 North Fitzhugh Street

Free and open to the public

Sister Phyllis Tierney, SSJ, will discuss her experiences of a 10-day pilgrimage with the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity to Honduras in December 2016. Their goal was to learn the root causes of greatly increased migration from Honduras to the U.S. since the 2009 coup. Honduras has become known as the “the murder capital of the world.” Come and learn what has caused the growing violence, killings and human rights violations that have led Hondurans to flee their country in record numbers.

Sister Phyllis is a long-time immigrant rights advocate and activist and member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester for 56 years. Since 2006, she has served as Coordinator of the Congregation’s Justice and Peace office and is Editor of the Justice and Peace office’s bi-weekly newsletter, Just Us. You will also find her joining local delegations to legislators to advocate for justice for farmworkers and helping organize Rochester’s local “Nuns on the Bus” tours.

*The church is accessible to the handicapped and looped for the hearing impaired.

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