ROCLA Steering Committee Meeting, 12/4/13, 6 PM (no program)

Present: Bob and Marilyn Kaiser, Peter and Gail Mott, Gloria Osborne, Vic Vinkey, Marilyn Anderson, Grania Marcus, Arnie Matlin

Treasurer’s report:

a. $7,380 in October

b. $5,280 going out in donations

c. Peter will work with Sami and send out donations.


  1.  February: $100 honorarium for Nelson Carrasquillo. No $ for transportation. Grania to contact him to narrow down the topic and details.
  2.  April ?
  3. Late April for joint meeting with Wayne Alt

Beans and Rice Dinner—

a. Grania to include full-page announcement in newsletter, include ticket prices, ad prices and ask folks to volunteer to help with Rice and Beans (use Bob K. to call to volunteer)

b. Ad prices:

Full page=$125

Half Page=$75

Quarter page=$40

Back page=same as full page price

c. Program Booklet–Arnie/Grania to do;

d. Ticket prices:          $50=Sponsor


Include: No one will be turned away

e. Honorarium=$100 to Ray Rogers

f. Discussion of contribution to Killer Coke organization–didn’t         contribute to them as part of 2013 donations. No ROCLA donation to organization

g. Focus on Killer Coke campaign for R & B action on tables.

Marilyn will ask them to have a petition or other action.

h. We encourage organizations to buy a table @$25 per person

(8 persons)

i. Gary McLendon, D & C–Gail will contact him re covering Rice & Beans

j. Contact Erin Moody at Labor Council re putting flyers about Rice & Beans on Dec. 12 and putting notice in The Mobilizer–Grania

k. Silent Auction–Gloria will take charge of collecting money for

silent auction; box in Newsletter re request for Silent Auction


l. Need someone to collect money for tickets– Gail to ask Sandy

and Mauricio

m. Outreach to Students Against Sweatshops–Grania

  1. Alternative Fair –Marilyn will have info re Killer Coke and Rice & Rice and Beans
  2. Will we decide on a specific focus (issue) for ROCLA for 2014? And we how should reach out to others (young people, students, etc)? Need to discuss

Next meeting: Jan. 8, 2014, 5:30 PM

Notes taken by Grania and reformatted with very poor results by Gail because two programs not compatible.



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