ROCLA Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2014, 5:30 PM

Downtown Presbyterian Church


Present: Marilyn Anderson, Bob and Marilyn Kaiser, Arnie Matlin, Grania Marcus, Gail and Peter Mott, Gloria Osborne, Vic Vinkey, Tom Ward.

 Treasury Report:

  • Membership dues received: $2,265

ROCLA Steering Committee process discussion:

The Steering Committee made the following decisions:

  1. After a brief discussion of process, the Steering Committee passed a resolution to offer motions and take votes on items needing Steering Committee decision making, such as ROCLA-sponsored or co-sponsored programs, requests for support, signing petitions as an organization, etc.;
  1. The Steering Committee should receive written requests for funds and written summaries of proposed programs before considering them.
  1. A resolution was passed that a quorum of the Steering Committee for the purpose of voting is 6.
  1. After discussion of Steering Committee membership, a resolution was passed that the Steering Committee for the purpose of voting in 2014 will consist of Marilyn Anderson, Marilyn Kaiser, Bob Kaiser (Convener), Grania Marcus, Arnie Matlin, Lew Montemaggi, Peter Mott, Gail Mott, Vic Vinkey and Tom Ward.
  1. The Steering Committee email list will remain the same.
  1. A resolution was passed that an Honorary (non-voting) Steering Committee will consist of: Callie Rabe, Sandy Morales, Gloria Osborne, Peg Gefell and Jim Bearden in recognition of their on-going extraordinary service to ROCLA.
  1. The members present decided to defer further discussion of ROCLA procedures and practices as an organization to the April meeting, including the issues raised in Callie Rabe’s letter.

Rice & Beans Dinner and Program Booklet

         Program Booklet:


The Steering Committee agreed that Arnie will send out a 3rd request for camera-ready ads only; currently we have received 21 ads.

Grania distributed a schedule of when R & B program booklet items are due.


Arnie and Margaret have offered to supply paper plates and paper cups. Since Marilyn A. will not be able to compost the plates, Gloria will check with Patty Love re composting.

Gail offered to take food home to compost and will provide napkins.

Gates Presbyterian will provide the silverware and after the dinner Tom will take it to the Y to wash in their machine.

Peter is in charge of volunteers providing desserts. If you want to provide a dessert, contact Peter.

Gloria and Gail will handle the silent auction; they will send out a new request for silent auction items and maintain the list of auction items, auction sheets, etc. Grania will send them the 2013 templates.

Tom and Bob Goode will share responsibility for conducting the live auction, which will include Lory Ghertner’s plane ride and Mary Boite’s Bed & Breakfast stay.

Gail and Grania will do a press release and send it to press contacts.

Arnie to be responsible for collecting ticket cash at the dinner; Bob/Marilyn will collect checks and send to Sami;

White Dove award certificates: Marilyn will get 8 X 10 frames for White Dove Award certificates; Grania will write the award citations and Jim A. will design them and send copy to Copy Town; Arnie will have them printed at Copy Town on card stock;

Gail will ask the Coffee Connection to provide the coffee and tea (they will probably want to sell coffee at the dinner as well.

Bob and Marilyn K. will provide the lemonade for the dinner.

Tom will set up the sound system in the dining room and Sanctuary.

Marilyn A. will ask Peg G. for a per person price for the dinner.

Resolution passed that ROCLA will pay up to $125 for one night in a motel for Ray Rogers Thursday night, and Arnie will pay for his motel Friday night.

Music: Tom will provide a boom box to play music in the hall area and SC members who have them will bring CDs, including Pete Seeger CDs.

The person who will to take the money and tickets and check them off at the entrance to the church to be decided.

A resolution was passed to include an envelope in the February newsletter addressed to the Kaisers so that ROCLA members can order tickets or donate if they are unable to come.

5. Nelson Carasquillo—Grania has not received the check for the $100 honorarium from Metro Justice. The SC passed a resolution to send Nelson the honorarium and an additional $150 for expenses

ROCLA Programs:

SC confirmed that Mauricio Morales will present the ROCLA program on April 2 on ElSalvador.

SC confirmed that Paola Macas Betchart would present the program for May 7 on environemtal issues in Ecuador.

Vic will ask Gail Walker to speak on Cuba; if she says yes, she will provide a title and paragraph about what she will discuss by February 20th so it can be included in the Rice & Beans Program Booklet.

The April and May programs will be announced in the February newsletter.

The April, May and June programs will be announced in the Rice & Beans program booklet.

IFCO Friendshipment Caravan:

Vic reported that IFCO/Pastors for Peace is returning to its previous Friendshipment caravan model for 2014.

The caravan will come through Rochester between July 7th and July18th.

Caravanistas will be collecting construction equipment.

Vic will check on whether they will be collecting medicines as well.

September or October 2014 ROCLA program

Author Todd Miller has a book coming out in April, Border Patrol Nation, which has two chapters on the northern border.

The Greater Rochester Coalition for Immigrant Justice is planning a Fall area tour for Todd Miller to speak at various colleges and other venues.

The Steering Committee passed a resolution to have Todd speak at its October meeting.

Next meeting: March 5, 5:30 PM (no program)

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