ROCLA Steering Committee Minutes

January 8, 2014

Attending: Marilyn Anderson, Marilyn and Bob Kaiser, Grania Marcus, Peter and Gail Mott

  1. ROCLA annual contributions: Peter has mailed all but four checks to those individuals and groups we designated.
  2. Membership
    1. 59 checks totaling $2.020. In 2013 we had 72 checks totaling $2,455.
  3. Future programs
    1. February meeting

i.     will start at 7:15 to accommodate a church group. Nelson Carasquillo, Coordinator of Comite de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agricolas in NJ. Subject: Whwat a food system based on justice for farmers, farmworkers and consumers would look like.

ii.     Gail will inform DUPC front desk

  1. March – Rice and Beans
  2. April – Bob has not heard back from Grahame Russell
  3. May – Marilyn A will contact Paula re Ecuador and Greenovation
  4. June – Bob suggested Prof. Robert Smith, a Cornell expert on dairy farmers and immigration. To get a taste of what he might say, go to and click on Robert Smith’s perspective from a 2008 lecture. .

II.            Membership support: Please send in your annual contribution.

  1. Rice and Beans, March 14
    1. Newsletter will have all information
    2. Jon Garlock will ask the Labor Council Board to buy a table and Marilyn A will write a cover letter to Jim Bertolone.
    3. Gloria has volunteered a dessert and item for Silent Auction.
    4. Peter will be in charge of desserts
    5. Flyer:

i.     Jim Anderson cannot do this so Grania will inquire about using one of Loret        Steinberg’s students at RIT.

ii.     Must be out by 2/28.

  1. Program booklet: deadline for all entries: Feb. 15

i.     Send everything through Grania. She will be the one to contact Jim Anderson

ii.     Marilyn A will write a short piece about the origins of Rice and Beans

iii.     We need to identify a ½ pg. Action opportunity

  1. Silent auction proceeds to Sarah Brownell
  1. Newsletter
    1. Jim Anderson will retire from doing our newsletter at the end of this year.
    2. Schedule: May 15, August 15, Nov. 15. (a membership letter will go out in early October).
    3. Mailings: Need for additional person to be knowledgeable about the procedure. Right now Marilyn K is the only one who knows..
  2. We voted to give $50 to Jake Allen of SEIU for Chilean students coming here to speak about their work in labor organizing. Marilyn A will ask him for a written description for our files.
  3. We then passed a motion that all requests for financial sponsorship must come in writing.

Submitted by Gail Mott


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