Minutes of ROCLA Meeting
July 23, 2014, 6 PM

Present: Marilyn Anderson, Bob and Marilyn Kaiser, Grania Marcus, Gail and Peter Mott, Vic Vinkey.

Old Business:

1. Fall Programs

a. September–Dan Reichman on the situation in Honduras and US involvement causing children to flee.
b. October– Curt Cadorette on working with refugee children in New Mexico
c. November–Todd Miller on Border Patrol Nation with GRCIJ

2. Discussion of who are voting Steering Committee members and approval process for actions between meetings:

a. The short list should be voting members. SC approved the following:

Marilyn Anderson
Paola Betchart
Bob and Marilyn Kaiser
Grania Marcus
Arnie Matlin
Peter and Gail Mott
Calle Rabe
Vic Vinkey
Tom Ward
Jim Bearden, Gloria Osborne, and Lew Montemaggi to receive short list requests but are non-voting members.

b. Motions passed re process:

1. For approval of urgent actions between meetings, defined as those requiring actions with 24 hours, 6 yes votes of 11 are required.
2. Requests for action items, such as petitions, should go to the Convenor (Bob Kaiser) who will decide what action/information items go to the larger mailing list.
3. Send urgent requests that need a vote only to the 11 listed above.
4. After discussion, a motion was passed not to change facilitators each month, as was previously decided.
5. Notify Bob Kaiser (Convenor) if you will not be attending the SC meeting

3. Cuba Caravan Update:

a. Thanks you letters

1. Vic reported that 32 contribution checks were received for a total of $1,311;this does not include the contributions of Arnie and Jim Bearden
2. Thank yous for contributions will be sent on August 26 at newsletter mailing party; Gail will address the envelopes so they are ready August 26; Vic will provide previous thank you letters as model.

b. Cuba Caravan process:

1. Need to know when the truck will be here.
2. Need to know schedule/process of things that need to be done within certain timeframe.
3. Vic—big changes in the IFCO office this year; they need more volunteers to efficiently handle the communication with groups and preparations.
4. Peter/Vic will draft letter to IFCO office suggesting some improvements in the Cuba Caravan process

New Business:

1. Unaccompanied Minors

a. ROCLA sign-on letter to Mayor Warren sent July 22 without reference to Blossom South Nursing home but supporting the principle of providing hospitality to the refugee children.
b. Gail reported that she had spoken with John Fife—process for locating places to house is up to Feds; he says the most important thing is to contact Obama and Senators and Congressional Reps to urge no change in the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008;
c. Bob will send Grania July 23 NY Times article about those denominational groups organizing to welcome children; Grania will contact Arnie to send the Times article and Interfaith Immigration petition to whole ROCLA mailing list;
d. Grania will contact Jim Bearden to put article and petition on ROCLA website and Facebook page

2. Newsletter updates and requests:

a. Deadline August 6
b. Peter will do an article on the Cuba Caravan.
c. Marilyn will check on whether Christine Eber will provide first-person account of working with unaccompanied minors.
d. Gail will do profile of Callie.

Next Meeting: September 3, 2014, 5:00 PM DUPC

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