ROCLA Steering Committee Meeting

March 5, 2014


  • No Steering Committee meeting April 2.
  • Cuba Caravan special meeting: April 23, 5PM, DUPC
  • Next regular Steering Committee meeting May 7, including a discussion of major issues.

Attending: Marilyn Anderson, Marilyn and Bob Kaiser, Arnie Matlin, Lou Montemaggi, Gail and Peter Mott, Vic Vinkey

Financial Report: Balance of $4,190.48

Old Business:

  • Bob read Callie’s response to his letter.
  • Unanimous agreement for ROCLA to co-sponsor John Honeck’s March 24 Archbishop Romero vigil.
  • Unanimous agreement that Callie, Peg, Gloria and Sandy be listed as Honorary Steering Committee members.
  • 6 Yes, 2 Abstentions for signing on to the Worker Justice Center letter re OSHA and dairy farms. Bob will sign ROCLA’s name to the letter.and mail it to Carly.


  • April: Marilyn A will introduce Mauricio and ask for his SS #.
  • May: Marillyn A will get our speaker’s SS #.
  • June

o   Unanimous agreement to pay Gail Walker’s expenses

o   Motts will provide home hospitality

May Newsletter

May 15 – Jim A gets files

May 20 – final print to Metro Justice

May 27 – Mailing party

Cuba Caravan

  • Special meeting Wed., April 23, 5 PM at DUPC (Gail will ask for space).
  • Vic will noto be taking the leaad this year, so he will ask Ream Kidane if he would be willing to organize the Friendshipment.
  • We will ask Callie if she would be willing to be involved.



  • Come at 3 PM, if you can, to help set up
  • Logistics

o   Arnie

  • will keep record of pass-through expenses.
  • Will bring cash to prime the pump

o   Gail will bring napkins

o   Tom will ask the Gates Guatemalan group if they could provide two people to be greeters and check in guests.

o   Bob will invite Sami and Colin to be our guests

o   Tom will be in charge of the sound system


o   Media: Contact Gary McClendon of D&C, Tim Macaluso of City.

o   Jon Garlock already has answered Grania’s request re labor; and Grania will notify Erin Young and already has sent out media advisory.

o   Grania will send out media release on Mar.12

o   Gail will contact IndyMedia about coverage

Contingency Plan

o   Chain of command in case of snow emergency: Bob and Tom will make decision by noon on Friday, the 14th.

o   Grania, Arnie and Gail will send out cancellation notices

Ray Rogers

o   Arnie will meet his plane

o   12-3 PM   If Ray is willing, Arnie will bring him to Yianni’s restaurant where SC and union members can have lunch with him. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE PROVIDE DIRECTIONS. THE ONLY ONE I FOUND IS ON PIXLEY RD.


o   Marilyn will let Peg know by Tuesday about the count. Suggested to ask for dinner for 110.

o   Se tup starts at 3 PM

o   Arnie will make RESERVED signs


o   Gloria and Gail doing silent auction

o   Tom in charge or live auction

Submitted by Gail Mott

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