ROCLA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2014, 5 PM

Present: Bob and Marilyn Kaiser, Gail and Peter Mott, Arnie Matlin, Grania Marcus

I. Report: Bob Kaiser submitted his accounting of received Rice & Beans Dinner: Total receipts=$5,146) and total expenditures= $1,370.

II. Newsletter:

  • Mention the donation of $580 for Sarah B. in R & B dinner article
  • Thank Tom Ward, Gates, Peg G., auction donors, participants only (not members of the Steering Committee)
  • Gail will ask Vic to draft article on Cuba Caravan for newsletter (Deadline: May 10); also need to have photo of Vic for interview of Vic and a photo from 2013 Cuba Caravan.
  • Include receipt totals from Rice & Beans dinner.

III. Cuba Caravan (neither Vic nor Callie were in attendance so information was             limited)

  • Date: July 11, 2014
  • The Caravan will return to the previous model of a truck coming to Rochester to fill with supplies
  • Planning Team (as proposed at April meeting):

Vic –  (585) 271-8723; confirmed

Callie  –  (585) 582-1322; confirmed; Callie will contact Ream

Ream – (585) 309-3440

  • Arnie will be in charge of getting medicines when he knows what’s needed
  • Needed:
  1. A letter from the Steering Committee requesting funds—Grania will ask Vic
  2.    List of items being collected
  3.    Ways people can participate
  4.    Are we having a party?
  5.  Where will we store the supplies and park the truck? (Callie suggested Rochester Greenovation for storage for Cuba Caravan
  6.  Gail will ask Callie/Vic to send update to the Steering Committee on tasks to be completed to plan for Caravan
  7. Grania will write to Callie and Vic to get information to include in the newsletter article—need this information by May 10 to include in May newsletter.

IV. June 7 planning meeting:

  • Meeting to plan ROCLA’s and brainstorm ideas to grow ROCLA as an organization
  • Grania asked Denise Young to facilitate–she has been out of town; will ask Denise again when Denise returns Tuesday, May 13; if she is not available will ask Colin O’Malley
  • Will be held June 7, 2014, from 9 AM-12 PM, at Mott’s house, 288 Melrose Street, Rochester (19th Ward).
  • Gail will ask Mia and Omar to cater breakfast
  • Put invitation in the newsletter: “if you have ideas, suggestions, or would like to explore being on the Steering Committee”; include contact information.
  • Arnie will send out electronic versions of announcement May 18 and after.
  • Specifically invite Phil Schaefer, Paola Betchart, Jeff and Cecelia Nieznanski, Ream Kidane, Colin O’Malley, and others Steering Committee members may know who might be interested in attending the meeting and/or serving on the Steering Committee—please suggest any others you know who have an interest in Latin American issues and may be interested in serving on the SC.
  • Arnie asked: Do we just want to just attract younger members so ROCLA continues or do we want to actually do thinks differently?

V. Media for ROCLA programs: 

  • Grania will write announcements and press releases
  • Arnie or Gail will send announcements of programs to Announce and ROCLA list
  • Gail will do events listings
  • Put Will Astor of Rochester Business Journal on media list
  • Grania will send updated media contact list to Gail
  1. June 4 program:
  • Gail Walker–Bob will contact Vic re her visit, including schedule, honorarium, etc.
  • Gail W. can stay at Mott’s; Bob will check with her to see if she’s OK with home hospitality.
  • Grania will have article in May newsletter and will draft an announcement.

Next Meeting: June 4, 2014, 5 PM

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