ROCLA Steering Committee Minutes

November 6, 2013

Attending: Marilyn Anderson, Marilyn and Bob Kaiser, Grania Marcus, Peter and Gail Mott


  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Balance:$7,380.
  3. Donations: $5,250. Peter will fill out forms and send to MJ for payment.
  4. Programs
  5. Bob will write Wayne Alt at Buffalo Peace Center about having another combined meeting in Batavia.
  6. January 8 – Grania
  7. February 5

i.      Grania will call Elizabeth Henderson about Nelson Carrasquillo, General Coordinator of CATA (Comite de apoyo a trabajadores agricolas) based in NJ) about how he will get here and who will be paying for him.

ii.      If he comes we will ask RMM and Worker Justice Center to co-sponsor. Also Amnesty International groups at local colleges.

  1. March – White Dove Awards
  2. April or May – Bob will ask Grahame Russell if he could speak on Honduras.
  3. Rice and Beans, March 14
  4. Save the date – Bob K
  5. Marilyn A will have a newsletter article explaining what the compelling reason is for honoring local unions.
  6. Ads – last year ads brought in between $700-$1000.

i.      Who will take leadership in getting ads?

ii.      Need to get to work on this right away.

  1. Newsletter – Grania
  2. Copy in by Dec. 15. Mailing Party January 13.
  3. Will include:

i.      Membership information

ii.      Poem – Marilyn A

iii.      Spotlight on VIVE, Buffalo – Peter.

iv.      Spotlight on Jim Bearden and website – Gail

v.      Ray Rogers information – Arnie

vi.      an urgent action

  1. Question about what goes out to the e-list and on the website.
  2. Everything we do or co-sponsor plus urgent actions (go through Gail)
  3. For website: go through Bob for screening
  4. Alternative Fair – Marilyn A
  5. One table
  6. Will sell goods from Sarah’s Haiti project
  7. ROCLA newsletters (who has extras?) and White Dove invitation
  8. Marilyn will donate something for the MJ raffle
  9. Question about what has happened to the blue plate Kathy Kern was trying to sell. Gail

Submitted by Gail Mott

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