Downtown Presbyterian Church

June 4, 2014

Present: Max and Henrietta Levine, Grania Marcus, Arnie and Margaret Matlin, Gail and Peter Mott, Callie Rabe, Vic Vinkey.

I. Cuba Friendshipment

  1. Truck is arriving Thursday July10th; the loading and celebration will be on the 10th at the Flying Squirrel; the truck will leave Friday 11th in the morning; time for the loading party/celebration TBA.
  2. Storage at Doug Noble’s on Brunswick St.—call first; Callie will collect and bring donations to Flying Squirrel on the 9th.
  3. Arnie will bring pizza for the party will send out the announcement for party; Callie bring boom box; Callie, Vic and  Grania willbring Cuban music
  4. The fundraising letter was approved with correction of the loading date; Grania will make corrections/additions; approved adding a self-addressed envelope;
  5. Grania will let Sami know that we want 300 copies of the letter and addressed enclosed envelopes and are planning the mailing party for Tuesday, June 10.
  6. Vic will check with Kathy Goforth to see whether she is willing to accept the checks again.
  7. Callie to contact Bob and Marilyn re mailing party.
  8. Arnie and Gail will help with mailing.
  9. Organizations to contact regarding possible donations of medical supplies:
  10. Vic will talk with Intervol about donations;
  11. Peter Mott has a contact at Rochester Orthopedics?;
  12. Arnie will contact Bob Good;
  13. Bob Kaiser may know someone at Al Sigl center.
  14. No expired medicines will be accepted; need to get check from Metro Justice to buy medicines; Arnie will buy obtain medicines.

II. ROCLA Planning Meeting

  1. Mia and Omar providing breakfast
  2. 14 signed up to come
  3.  Denise Young will facilitate; ROCLA will provide a $100 honorarium.
  4.  She will use a SWOT analysis (Strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) to help us address what we need to do to make ROCLA sustainable in the future.
  5.  Biggest concerns: attracting new, younger members and making new members feel welcome.

Respectfully submitted,

Grania Marcus

June 5, 2014

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