500 Years, POV movie about Guatemala

500 Years, the much anticipated third film from Director Pamela Yates, continues the epic saga of indigenous resistance in Guatemala that began with When the Mountains Tremble (1983), followed by Granito: How to Nail a Dictator (2011; POV 2012). All three films will have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival over a 33-year period.

From a historic genocide trial to the ousting of a president, mounting resistance played out in Guatemala’s recent history, through the actions 500 Years tells a sweeping story of and perspectives of the majority indigenous Mayan population, who now stand poised to re-imagine their society.

In 500 Years, the Mayans lead Guatemala to a historical tipping point, from the genocide trial of former dictator General Rios Montt to the citizens’ uprising that toppled President Otto Pérez Molina. While indigenous peoples of Guatemala are no strangers to oppression, change finally seems possible with these recent popular movements

500 Years also introduces the music of up-and-coming Mayan singer/songwriter Sara Curruchich, who sings Ralk’wa’l ulew (Children of the Land in Mayan language Kaqchikel) at the close of the film.

As witness to this heroic moment in Guatemalan history, 500 Years documents the beginning of the end of a culture of impunity and a society ready for change. Focusing on universal themes of justice, racism, power and corruption, 500 Years resonates throughout the Americas, from Canada to Tierra del Fuego.

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“Guardians of the Arts/ Guardianes de las Artes” by Marilyn Anderson

ROCLA presents artist, photographer and author

Marilyn Anderson

Wednesday, January 3, 7 PM
Downtown Presbyterian Church
121 N. Fitzhugh St.

Anderson​, an artist, author, and photographer, will present a Power Point program based on her newly published bilingual English/Spanish book:
“Guardians of the Arts/ Guardianes de las Artes”
with emphasis on the traditional weaving and crafts of Guatemala and discussion of recent political and economic changes. Guatemala continues to be a country facing political and economic problems and human rights challenges.

For attendee’s viewing, she will bring some examples of prints seen in her book, along with some photos and weaving and crafts.

​The program is free and open to the public.
Wheelchair-accessible and looped for those with hearing problems. ​

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